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Famlingo App

For iOS & Andriod


Famlingo App

Available for Andriod & iOS

The Famlingo app is designed to provide members with a handy reference library that can be easily accessed at home or on the go.


The Famlingo members app is available for Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from the app stores by searching Famlingo. The app performs best when connected to a good WiFi connection.

Who the app is for

The Famlingo app is suitable for those who:

• attend Famlingo classes and would like to recap signs
•  would like to learn signs at home


The Famlingo app is a reference library that currently features videos in topics such as:
• The Alphabet
• Food and Drink
• Fruit
• Vegetables
• Colour
• Conversation
• Family
• Animal
• Feeling and Emotion
• Numbers
• Question Words
• Toys and Activities
• Transport
• Weather

Deafbooks have kindly given us permission to add their free Let’s Sign resources to our catalogue. These can be viewed in the Famlingo app or in full on the Deafbooks website.

You can download the Famlingo app at the following app stores below:

Apple App Store
Google Play Store



Thank you so much for your time & your patience - you're awesome!

I enjoyed learning from the teachers! Great sense of humour and lovely to learn from.

The course exceeded my expectations and I'd absolutely recommend it to others - 10/10!

The teachers clearly love passing on their knowledge. I would recommend this to anyone!



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