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Introduction to Fingerspelling Self-Study

  • 40Weeks
  • 27Steps


This online resource is for our face-to-face BSL students to supplement their self-study hours. If you are not a Famlingo student but are interested in learning BSL, please contact Fingerspelling is an area all BSL learners will need to continue to practice throughout their BSL journey - both their productive and receptive fingerspelling skills. Many new BSL students and even some experienced signers aren't aware of the different ways fingerspelling patterns are produced and how the formation of the signs depend on particular the word being spelled. As beginner BSL learners we are often taught a very fixed way of producing the individual letters of the alphabet. We are used to seeing static images of how to sign the manual alphabet but it is impossible to show all the different styles of fingerspelling and this can hold us back when it comes to our own fingerspelling fluency! There are lots of fantastic resources and CPD workshops available to help improve your fingerspelling skills and knowledge. In this programme, we will look at the freely available Introduction to Fingerspelling resource created by Signworld. Please complete this as homework and see if you can put what you learn into your fingerspelling practice - enjoy!

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