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This page is intended to give you an easy-to-access list of recommended products available on Amazon that can support learning and compliment signing activities.


My First Signs

BSL Baby Signing

Children are able to communicate by signing before they develop the skills necessary for speech. By teaching sign language to children we can help them to convey their emotions and their needs. This first signing guide contains over 40 key signs. Designed for parents and carers to share with babies, with its simple and clear instructions and endearing illustrations, this book is an ideal introduction to signing. A helpful tip is given at the bottom of each page to help beginners get started.

My First Animal Signs

BSL Baby Signing

This signing guide for children contains 48 animal signs from British Sign Language (BSL). Babies and toddlers are illustrated using the signs for a range of domestic, wild and exotic animals, as well as mini-beasts and birds.

Children are able to communicate by signing before they develop the skills necessary for speech. By teaching sign language to children we can help them to convey their emotions and their needs.

Sign with Your Baby

How to Communicate with Infants Before They Can Speak

This book shows American signs. If the reader is from the UK, please use the British Sign Language (BSL) alternative signs for your communication.

This book teaches parents how to use simple sign language gestures to communicate with their infants before their infants can speak. Joseph Garcia uses anecdotes, practical guidelines and humour to explain the benefits and method for taking advantage of this unique form of early communication. He will help you recognise when your child is receptive to learning. He recommends which signs to teach first and shares ideas for games that can be fun and useful when introducing new signs. 

Let's Sign Early Years

BSL Building Blocks Child & Carer Guide

Over 330 sign illustrations with written descriptions - ordered alphabetically in dictionary format with a full index at the back. Includes useful phrases, numbers, left and right-handed fingerspelling alphabets, useful contacts and illustrated explanations of classifier handshapes, signs in context and the importance of the face in adding or changing meaning. Includes the most commonly used regional variations.

Let's Sign BSL Flashcards

Early Years and Baby Signs

48 of the most useful FIRST SIGNS for babies and young children. These flashcards are part of the Let’s Sign Early Years series - a collection of British Sign Language (BSL) resources for babies and pre-school children, deaf or hearing. Developed by Deaf and hearing co-workers in response to the need for more and better BSL materials for schools and in the home.

BSL Food & Drink for Tots

Mealtimes, Fruit & Salad, Vegetables, Basics & Treats, Hot Favourites

The 65 key-word vocabulary enables constructions in both British Sign Language (BSL) and Sign Supported English (SSE).

Contains signs for: all gone, apple, avocado, baked beans, banana, biscuit, bread, broccoli, burger, cabbage, cake, carrot, cauliflower, cereal, cheese, cherry, chicken, chocolate, chips, crisps, cucumber, dinner, drink, dry, eat, egg, enough, finished, fish & chips, food, fruit, full, grapes, green beans, ham, hot, hot chocolate, hungry, ketchup, lettuce, meal, meat, melon, milk, more, mushroom, orange, pasta, pear, peas, pineapple, pizza, please, porridge, potato, red pepper, rice, salad, sandwich, sauce, sausages, snack, soup, strawberry, sweetcorn, thank you, thirsty, toast, tomato, vegetable, wash hands, water, yoghurt.

Let's Sign Introduction to BSL Early Years Curriculum

Spiral-bound Student Book

This carefully planned curriculum covers:

* code of conduct for students and tutor
* basic BSL linguistics
* development of storytelling skills
* structured framework to follow week by week
* cue cards and dialogue sheets
* sign vocabulary sheets in topics
* signs and phrases for early years settings including Greetings, People, Family, Colours, Questions, Animals, Time, Numbers, Toys, Weather, Clothes, School signs and Christmas.

The book contains the necessary worksheets and reminder sheets with hundreds of illustrated signs.

Let's Sign BSL Flashcards

House & Home

50 Flashcards of the most useful signs for items found in the home - fun to use and look at together and can be used to label items for everyone to learn. Alphabet card also included.

Signs include: bath, bed, bedclothes, bin, chair, clock, cooker, fire, furniture, kitchen, living room, microwave, plug and many more.

The back of each card has the fingerspelled word and description of how to make the sign.

BSL Familiy Signs

Flashcard Format

The 38 Key-word vocabulary can be used for Sign Supported English (SSE) and British Sign Language (BSL). The Flashcard format of one sign per page including written description is clear and simple, easy to carry and refer to on the go.

Includes: Basic Handshape Key & Fingerspelling Alphabet and signs for:

adopt, adult/grown-up, aunt/auntie, baby/infant, boy/son, brother, child, children, cousin, dad/daddy/ father, daughter, family, foster/look after, girl, grandad/grandfather, granddaughter, grandma/grandmother, grandson, great grandfather, great grandmother, man/male, mother/ mum/mummy, nana, nephew, niece, parent/s, partner, sister, stepbrother, stepfather, stepmother, stepsister, uncle, wife/ husband/ spouse, woman/lady/female.

Some signs have more than one version to include the most commonly used regional variations.

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